International Missions



Our parents and FSM staff and volunteers have spent all summer praying about the future of FSM’s international missions. And we’ve decided to pour our time and resources into Peru.

All participating students will need to complete a Mission Trip Application for FSM. These applications are due by Sunday, December 3. An interview will be scheduled shortly thereafter. This process may seem extreme, or it may not. But we see this experience as an opportunity for students to have different experiences. Applications and interviews don’t happen every Tuesday. We like the chance to increase their growth opportunities. Please see Graham with any questions you may have throughout this process.

The dates and costs are still being determined, but there are a few other things your junior or senior can be doing.

All students and adults will need passports for this trip as we’re leaving the country (in the event you weren’t sure). You may either visit your local post office for an application or you can complete the process online. There is a cost associated with your passport so be prepared. For your information, passports for adults (18+) last for ten years, while passports for minors (17-) last only five years.

There is one other thing you and your student, everyone even, can be doing. That is pray for this trip. Pray for our preparations. Pray for our travel. Pray for our adults and students participating. Pray that Jesus will do great things in and through us on this adventure.