Next Steps

We’re all on a journey. And the Christian journey, perhaps more than any other, can be daunting. We too often fall under the pressure of perfection. It has become an expectation that deciding to follow Jesus somehow implies the completion of a lifelong journey. The Bible disagrees. Following Jesus is simply following. Sure, that’s anything but simple as it plays out in life, but it really is a decision to follow…not arrive. It’s a journey. At FSM, we believe students are on this journey after Jesus and we want to help them take their next steps in following, whatever that step may be.

Below, you’ll find eight steps. These eight are not in any particular order, but we do believe that maturing Believers will take all eight of these steps at some point in their faith journey. What step are you currently working on? What step do you need to take next? We want to be on this journey with you…so let us help you take your next step.



To be completely upfront, we want you to know God. And one of the best ways to get to know God is to read what He said and what He has done. That’s the Bible. It only takes a few minutes a day, but we want to help you get started. We believe the Bible is still relevant, still beneficial, and still speaking. It’s the perfect first step.



FSM is our week gathering of teenagers in the Lincolnton area. Doors open at 5:30p every Sunday. Students can hang out, play games, and get some food before our service and groups gather. We’ll sing a few songs and hear a message about what following Jesus can do during the teenage years. Then we take some time to gather in groups to discuss this a bit further.



Jesus changes everything. He’s the reason we do what we do. We unapologetically want students to meet Jesus and take steps to get closer to Him each day. After all, we believe, as one pastors says it, “Following Jesus will make your life better and make you better at life.”

Jesus has given us so much more than a set of rules to follow. In fact, he hasn’t given us that at all. He’s shown us how life was designed to work. We’re not perfect at it–and neither are you–but we’re trying. Come try with us.



Baptism isn’t magical. The water doesn’t contain any supernatural powers. We believe that Jesus demonstrated baptism for us and asked us to follow him in that obedience. Baptism is the public profession of an inward transformation.



Life is lived in community. It’s one of the most overlooked gift that God has given us. While our decisions to follow Jesus may be personal, it is certainly not private. We believe that you can’t do life alone.

Groups are the foundational piece of our student ministry. Middle and High school can be very difficult years, especially while trying to follow Jesus. Because these years can be so challenging, we want to match students together so they know they’re not alone. Also so they will know who is trying to follow Jesus too, who they can lean on, and who they can trust.

Join a group. It might be (and by that I mean it most certainly is) the most beneficial and step you take.



I know…students don’t have any money. That might be true, but finances aren’t the only form of giving. Our giving takes place in the aftermath of what Jesus has given us and includes our money, our time, our love, our prayers, our empathy, our leadership, and tons of other things. How is God leading you to give? Maybe you have a job as a high school student. Maybe you’ve started babysitting. Maybe you have some free time to disciple a younger student. Maybe you have some free time each night to pray for your fellow students. In what ways can you give?



As we draw closer to Jesus, we begin to better understand his love for others. We want students to have opportunities to exercise that love in serving others. From leading a kids’ small group to greeting before a service and lots of ways in between, we want students to understand as much as possible how much we need each other and how many ways there are to serve.

Ask any of our adult leaders how you can take this next step in your walk with Jesus.



Jesus told us to share this message of life and freedom with all nations. God has graciously brought all these nations to doorstep. It means that our task is now as simple as telling the people around us about what God has done in our lives. It doesn’t have to be a sermon or a beautifully crafted testimony. It can happen at the lunch table or on the bus headed home from a game. We all have a story to tell. Take your next step by helping someone else take their first.